one-on-one web design

Guiding You From Concept to Domain

Styled To Fit Your Budget.

As a web design and development company, we pride ourselves on understanding our client's needs and having the foresight and flexibility to use the appropriate tool for the job.

At Circulation Studio our web development services make sure our client's vision and message are properly conveyed to the largest possible audience because we are flexible and tailor our designs for you!

You will be impressed with our customer service as we build your site and long afterwards. We are available for support and to help you maintain your investment.

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Future Proof Your Site.

Built For Change.

We build your site using best practices, keeping progressive enhancement and graceful degradation in mind. We validate all our (X)HTML with the W3C making sure the site's foundation is rock solid. Then we add style with CSS and finally bells and whistles are added using unobtrusive JavaScript. On top of that, we implement the 960 grid system ensuring that you site will perform consistently across all of the major browsers.

What does all that mean? Any future changes, whether planned or unplanned, are easily implemented with our well structured and clean code.

Content Management Systems.

Be Your Own Webmaster, Kinda.

As a modern website design company and web developer we understand that our clients need the flexibility to control and maintain their own websites, so we provide a variety of content management system (CMS) solutions as part of our web development and web design services.

We love the ExpressionEngine and WordPress platforms, but many other great options including MojoMotor for smaller sites, and Drupal or Joomla are also available for greater scalability.

We put the ability to make changes to your site into your own hands. If you need help or advice we are just a phone call or email away to support you.

Ecommerce Solutions.

Your Online Store.

Affordable web design does not preclude you from great ecommerce website design.

Our small business web design packages offer a variety of affordable solutions for small to medium sized business web design.

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