About Us

Diverse interests and backgrounds.
[sur-kyuh-ley-shuh n] -verb 1. An act or instance of circulating, moving in a circuit or flowing.

Our designs rest on the principle of connectivity within the digital age. The average web surfer often does not go directly to a website, but rather they arrive there.

[stoo-dee-oh] -noun 1. An artist’s workroom. A place where creations are born.

The terms Firm, Productions, Company etc. do not jive with our designs, so we prefer the word studio that encompasses our creative and artistic impulses.

Meet The Team

Over a decade of experience.

Steve Lepore's profile photo Steve L.
Sales | SEO | SEM

I graduated from the University of California Irvine with degrees in History and in Literary Journalism, although my working life has taken an unexpected yet thoroughly enjoyable new path.

My passions are literature, music and traveling. If I'm not chasing search engine rankings for my clients down the Google rabbit hole, I'm most likely reading a classic novel or listening to music.

Web marketing can overwhelm or delight. I choose to enjoy the chase!

Adam Dubich's profile photo Adam D.
Photography | Graphic Design

One day I picked up a camera, and never looked back. I went to Art School and defined my life through making art. Art is at the base of everything I do, and is expressed through the medium.

Photography soon became my medium of choice, as well as, my career. I have been working professionally behind a camera for over a decade, and still truly love what I do.

If I am not making something, I should be.

Brian Seymour's profile photo Brian S.
Lead Designer | Developer

In my former life I was an Environmental Engineer and Project Manager after graduating from UCSB with environmental related degrees.

Now my life is centered around building web apps and what I refer to as the Triad Arts — Music, Culinary, and Photography.

I am usually found playing guitar, collecting vinyl, watching LA Kings hockey and programming.

Do it the best you can, or don't do it at all.

Team Work

Diversity and effective communication.

The trio has been friends for over 20 years, traveled through 19 countries together, seen the best of times and the worst of times. We work well as a team and our diverse professional backgrounds have taught us the value of effective communication and customer service. When you call us you won't find yourself talking to Nick Burns from SNL!

We have found this business to be more about problem solving and reference as opposed to memorization and knowledge, as the playing field is constantly in motion with rapidly evolving technologies.

We are not your stereotypical team, but are passionate about our work and certainly look forward to working with you!

High contrast photo of young basil plant leaves and steam
High contrast photo of young basil plant roots
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