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Here in Southern California traffic sucks, but on the internet, traffic is typically a good thing.

Let Circulation Studio run a SEO and SEM campaign for your company. Our affordable internet marketing packages build a strong foundation for improved user experience and rankings within top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Our white hat SEO practices target high-quality relevant links for your site. Additionally, we can tailor social media and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to mirror your personality and get you noticed in your market.

Finally, we'll provide you with continual in-depth analysis and reports on the success of your campaign and explain every step along the way in easy to understand terms. Or if you do not want this level of detail, you can confidently sit back knowing we are monitoring your project and are able to provide you with your desired level of detail upon request.

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For existing sites we offer a free no-obligation SEO audit and site evaluation to let you know how your site is performing in key categories and offer our suggestions on what, if anything, can be done to improve your search rankings and user experience.

We’ll give you valuable feedback on several key SEO categories as they pertain to your site. Just sign up by clicking the badge to the right and enter your site’s url (the address) in our contact form. Within 24 hours you will receive a personalized copy of the results prepared by a living SEO specialist.

SEO Packages.

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Services Offered Standard* Premium*
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Site Audit
Content Development
Link Building
Social Media Setup
Social Media
PPC Campaign**
Standard Reporting
Detailed Reporting
Campaign Audit

* 6-month minimum

** Excludes auction fees

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Q. What is SEO?

A. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the process of improving a websites’ ranking within the “organic” or, unpaid results section of a search engine like Google or Yahoo. This ranking is determined by literally hundreds of factors within the search engine’s algorithm, therefore SEO web design is a very complex, diverse and labor-intensive undertaking. The process itself goes beyond search engine results to include links, both to and from your site, social media, pay-per-click campaigns and variety of other techniques to drive traffic to your site.

Q. I’ve heard the terms “White Hat” and “Black Hat” SEO before. What does that mean?

A. The term White Hat SEO refers to ethical optimization of websites using tried and true best-practice SEO techniques resulting in more long-term benefits and a better ROI. Black Hat SEO services are simply the opposite; using shortcuts and unethical link building and site content development practices. The best analogy we have come across comes from our friends at Sitepoint who compare White Hat SEO to a slow moving ocean tanker that is slow out of the gate but nearly unstoppable once it gains momentum. Black Hat SEO is like a speed boat that takes off quickly but quickly runs out of gas and can be brought to a standstill at any time … much the way the search engines can choose to blacklist or remove your site should you employ techniques derived to elude or trick their search algorithms.

Q. What is SEM?

A. The term “SEM” stands for Search Engine Marketing and is very closely related to Search Engine Optimization except, in the sense that we use the term, it applies to paid techniques like PPC (pay per click) and ad campaigns, and Social Media Marketing. It also includes increasing a websites ranking through “paid,” rather than “organic” results. In some cases, Search Engine Optimization is sufficient to generate increased traffic and visibility for your site. Other markets benefit from some form of Search Engine Marketing.

Q. This is all new to me. Can you summarize the process in simpler terms?

A. Sure. The basic process of optimizing your site will include studying your industry and marketplace to better understand the competition and what your customers typically look for when searching for your product or services. Based on that information we will then alter the content, both visible and hidden, of your site to improve the visitor’s experience and allow for major search engines like Google to rank you higher in their search results pages. Next we will build links to your site from colleagues within your industry as well as link your site on standard as well as industry specific directories like Yelp, or Google Places for example. Then, through detailed analysis of some very thorough data in regards in your site, we will see what is working and what needs adjustment to increase traffic and search engine visibility for your site.

Q. Can you guarantee that my website will be on the front page of Google, or Yahoo?

A. We can guarantee that we will optimize your site using fundamental and best practice SEO techniques to provide a better user experience, increased relevance and page rankings within the search engines, and long-term benefits that you may not fully anticipate. This may seem like the political answer but it really will depend on the competition within your industry. If you’re looking to rank #1 in Google for the term “soda” for example, we’re going to have our work cut out for us. If you sell dodo eggs on Catalina Island, yes, we guarantee. Either way, your site will be better optimized than 80% of your competition.

Q. Why do you require a multi-month commitment to a campaign and not just charge on a month-by-month basis?

A. There are two reasons for this. One: Search engine placement is always a moving target. Any website optimizer worth their salt knows that new algorithms within the search engines, competitions within your industry and customer behavior can all affect your sites rankings overnight. Your campaign will need to be altered over several months to utilize the techniques that prove to be successful and throw those that are not. Secondly: the first month of setting up the initial campaign is far more labor intensive than the first month’s fee encompasses.

Q. Why do you charge the same for new sites as existing sites?

A. It’s simply a matter of where we focus our efforts. For example, a new site might require more content development or link building while an existing site would benefit from a thorough SEO audit.

Q. What search engines will you target for my campaign?

A. At the time of writing,* Google currently owns 65%, Yahoo 16% and Bing accounts for 13% of all search volume. So, in effect, the big three search engines account for 94% of all searches conducted. For that reason, its only logical to focus the majority our efforts on Google, Yahoo and Bing. (*source Hitwise). That doesn’t mean that we won’t tailor our strategy to industry specific search engines or allow for another major “player” to enter the scene.

Q. How do you measure success in and SEO or SEM campaign?

A. The short answer is site traffic, and search engine result rankings. However, there are a variety of different tools to measure how relevant the search engines consider your site. Detailed historical analysis and monthly reporting is just a couple of way we will be able to gauge how the search engines and customers respond to your site. Where you rank in Google, for example, is just one way of measuring success but high-quality link building for example, might provide you with benefits far greater than simply showing up first on Google. SEO is a ‘big picture’ kind of thing and we make sure to paint that picture for you in easy to digest and realistic terms.

Q. I already have a webmaster and I’m not sure if they currently doing any of this for me. How can I tell? And would you be able to work with them directly?

A. Although certain aspects of fundamental SEO optimization rests on the design elements themselves, most web designers can only focus their time and attention on the design. We would be more than happy to give a preliminary evaluation of your current site for best practice SEO techniques and share our thoughts free of charge. If we were to charge you for something that has already been done, you would not see a significant improvement in your site rankings and traffic and we are not in business of developing unhappy customers. As far as working with your current webmaster is concerned, we would require that they provide us with direct access to the site or assurance that they are willing to work with us to implement our suggestions.

Q. Do you guys know any tips or tricks for my site to rank better and receive more traffic?

A. This goes back to the White Hat/Black Hat SEO web marketing question that was asked earlier. We only employ White Hat SEO techniques because we believe they have long-term benefits. Let’s look at it this way: People will stop using search engines like Google or Yahoo if the results that are returned for their searches are not high-quality sites with engaging and relevant content but rather sites that have tricked the search engines into ranking higher than they deserve. So it’s in the search engines’ best interest to analyze a multitude of different factors to make sure the sites that are ranking highly really are quality sites and penalizing the sites that are simply taking shortcuts. We make it easier for the search engines to recognize the quality and relevance of your site to potential customers.

Q. This kinda makes sense, but I would still rather just talk to someone about my needs and my company’s needs.

A. Of course! Give us a call, or drop us an email and we’ll get right back in touch with you. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are complex, ever-evolving monstrosities of technology. Just remember that the average customer looking for your service or product probably doesn’t know a thing about small business SEO or SEM either, and that’s whom we’re targeting. So no question is a silly question!

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