The Technology Independence Paradox


Our back to basics stickers suggest we take the time daily to stop, declutter, breathe, identify and focus the things that truly matter. But how can we do this with minimal disruption and consistency?

The Getting Things Done (GTD) school of thought treats our calendar as sacred ground. Oversimplifying this principle proposes we reserve our calendar for things that need to take place on a given day at a given time, such as plane flights or meetings, while keeping shifting tasks and goals in a dedicated system that is not necessarily time sensitive.

Adhering to the GTD methodology we can leverage alternate time solutions, such as Apple's Reminders app, to schedule recurring reminders without polluting our calendars. For example, schedule daily recurring self check-ins to simply take a break and breathe deeply. These non-calendar events can sync across our devices to gently remind us to get back to the present and our higher level vision.

Another approach Karin Kiser suggests is associating deep breathing with something already in our daily routine like taking a shower or getting a cup of water.

The use of automated reminders to take break from technology may sound nagging and paradoxical, but it has been really been grounding and I dig it. Give it a try!

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