Circulation Studio Announces Partnership with Yelp


Circulation Studio is proud to announce our recent admittance into the Yelp's Advertising Partner Program.

Our participation in this program will allow us to pass on several benefits to clients who choose to bring their Yelp account under our agency dahsboard.

  • We will work with Yelp directly on our client's behalf. In practical terms, this means no more sales calls!
  • We have acess to a dedicated support team with scheduled strategy sessions to go over the performance of your profile and ads campaigns.
  • Upgraded tracking capabilities to provide more insight into your business profile and paid ad performance.
  • Campaign flexibility with month-to-month programs.
  • Enhanced analytics that local advertisers do not have access to for better performance and on-demand reporting.
  • We can upload a video to your profile (for enhanced profiles only).
  • Our client's will be able to leverage our expertise in Yelp Profile and Ads managment.
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Please Contact Us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

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