Bing Introduces Feature to Disavow Links

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We recently published two articles on Google’s “Penguin” algorithm update and Negative SEO, both of which focus on the perils of low quality, or spammy link building strategies. Whether intentional, or through the unlikely occurrence that a competitor has purchased and pointed low-quality links at your site in an attempt to get you penalized, a way to reject or “disavow” those links has been on many SEOs wish-list for quite some time.

Despite indications by Google that they would soon be adding this functionality to their Webmaster Tools within the coming months, Bing managed to ‘beat them to the punch’ by announcing this feature at the end of June. Webmasters can now login to their Bing Webmaster Tools account and select from the Configure My Site menu to Disavow Links.

Bing's Disavow Links Feature Screenshot

Look for Google to introduce this functionality into their Webmaster Tools within the next few months. This appears to be a victory against “negative SEO,” but some SEOs are skeptical that despite its benefits could be more of a data-collection technique and public outing within the SEO community.

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